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It’s an exciting day today!! Our baby chicks are hatching!

PreK Classrooms for the Month of December

If you walked past the PreK rooms on any given day, you would probably observe kids diligently concentrating on an activity presented that day.  However, if you paused a little longer and listened carefully, you would hear the sweet, innocent sound of a child singing songs about Jesus’ birth.  This month, we learned about the real reason for Christmas along with the academic lessons.  We spent hours learning songs and practicing the play “The Christmas Story” which we proudly presented to family and friends this month.

Pictures of the play soon to follow.

Miss Kim & Miss Kiley

4H After School Program

This is a link to the 4H Newsletter that contains an article on page 6 about Precious People.  A big thanks to Jaye from 4H for bring this wonderful program to us!  The children absolutely love it!!


Classroom Highlight: School Age Classroom

The school age kiddos are having a great month! We have been busy making posters to show our gratitude to our veterans, designing scratch off leaf designs, as well as enjoying a hilarious round of pie face! Our special snacks this month include goldfish trail mix, donut turkeys and Oreo turkeys! We also had some “passionate” discussions about our recent presidential election!

Miss Lauren and Miss Dawn have been discussing things that we are thankful for and have many arts and crafts to go along with that theme. They also have decorated their door for our upcoming holiday!


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