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About Us

Precious People Daycare & Preschool, Mars PA

It is our belief that strong families are the result of members being involved with each other.  Each family member contributes his or her part to the family unit.

We at Precious People consider ourselves as part of the child’s extended family.  Therefore, we provide a caring atmosphere, involving the children and family members.  Our nurturing environment contributes to the child’s growth into a happy, well balanced young person.

We encourage the curiosity inherent in children to enhance their learning, to explore new and exciting ideas, absorbing as much as possible.  Realizing that play is equally important to a child’s growth, we encourage creative play and implement structured daily activities that feed the children’s eagerness to learn.  Our goal is to see the children develop friendships and become more capable of facing challenges.

Because we value the families that we have the opportunity to be a part of, we strive to be a childcare provider that is supportive and works with each individual family’s needs.

Precious People Childcare